Meet the Owner of the Blog

Hello and welcome! My name is Jay. I am a programmer, currently living in Seoul, South Korea. I am passionate about most things related to programming (in particular, server-side development). My passion lies mostly in computer science, programming, learning and trying new things as well as listening to others talk about their experiences as a developer. Below is a picture of me coding and chilling at a cafe in the Hongdae area of Seoul.

Update: I quit my job at the end of January 2019. I am currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science at Seoul National University.

A picture of myself coding

Some Facts About Me

  • I have lived in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • I love hiking and Jjim-jil-bang (찜질방). It is a Korean dry sauna and an amazing place to chill and unwind communally. If you are into that kind of stuff, I recommend checking it out if you ever decide to come to seoul. For more information, check out this link: Visiting a Korean Jjimjilbang.
  • In my spare time, I also love playing tennis and some occasional League of Legends.
  • I love learning, especially programming!
  • I did not major in Computer Science during college.

About The Coding Delight

Thecodingdelight was made to challenge myself to start writing more about my passions, to share knowledge with those around me and to freely provide content to those that are trying to learn. It is also a way to keep myself accountable in my journey of learning and discovery. At the same time, this site exists to part knowledge and guide programmers or aspiring programmers in understanding key concepts. I will do my best to follow up on comments and feedback (if it is doable and relevant) as soon as possible.

Most of the blog posts will be centered around the following topics.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Personal opinions related to software engineering or programming

Update: I am aiming towards resuming blog posts some time in 2019. Although I will still post on data structures and algorithms, some of my newer posts may be centered around data science, particularly, machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning. I will try to keep those topics as intuitive and less "mathy" as possible :).

Q & A

The following section will be dedicated towards asking common questions about the website and about me. Feel free to leave a comment or email me a question. I might actually post up the answer to the question the next time I update the blog. Feel free to be creative with the question. However, if the question is too creative to the point

1. What was your first programming language?

I first started out with Java. However, after going through the fundamentals (up until multi-threading), a lot of the content did not make sense to me. So I switched out, and focused on JavaScript. Since JavaScript was not my first language, the learning process was a lot smoother and simpler. My knowledge on Object-oriented programming was fairly weak, so the dynamic and weakly-typed nature of JavaScript allowed me to focus on the logic-building and programming aspect of the language. After growing a fair bit, I returned to Java.

Java made so much more sense after I developed a strong foundation in JavaScript. Not to mention that I studied quite a fair bit of design and Object-oriented programming while working on my JavaScript skills. Everything just seemed to click.

2. What do you do in your Spare Time?

Forgive me for sounding like a geek, but most of my spare time goes into writing blog posts, reading books on programming. Occasionally, I like sports like tennis, League of Legends, ride a bike to cool my head.

I am also a big fan of 찜질방 and 노래방 (karaoke). Unfortunately, not too many people around me enjoy that kind of stuff. So I just stick to my books *insert awkward laugh.

3. Where can I find the Source Code?

All the source code is uploaded onto my GitHub account. Occasionally, I upload code that is not related to the blog. Unfortunately, since most of the code that I work on is proprietary, my GitHub account is relatively empty. One of the other reasons for starting this blog was to challenge myself to write some more code in my downtime and populate my empty GitHub profile.