String Concatenation in C++ Done the Right Way

What is a String?

It is simply just a word. Strings are all around us. Like dog, cat, etc. A more formal definition would be the following: it is a series of characters that has a varying length.
Needless to say, strings are one of the most important concepts in programming.

Before we dive in, I would like to address those experienced only in high level languages such as Java, Python or Javascript. In C, there is no built-in support for strings.  Fortunately, the C++ standard library provides users with a string class. C++ developers probably let out a sigh of relief, since they didn’t have to write implementations for the equals operator or the size() method.

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Understanding Closures with Clarity in JavaScript


JavaScript closure is one of the most important concepts if you want to go anywhere with JavaScript. It is as important as pointers in C/C++. Closures empower JavaScript developers to write better code. So, if you want to become a better JavaScript developer, learn closures.With great power comes great responsibility however. Therefore, if misused, they can create a nightmare. In order to learn functional programming in JavaScript, developers first need to have a solid understanding of how JavaScript closure works.Continue reading

Exploring Hoisting and Variable Scope in JavaScript


What is hoisting? What is variable scope? How does JavaScript hoisting and variable scope work?  This post will explain how hoisting works in JavaScript. Before understanding how hoisting works, developers need to understand variable scope in JavaScript. This article will guide readers and explain the basics of how variable scopes work in JavaScript. Continue reading

The Stack Data Structure in Java

The stack is a fundamental data structure used in computer science.  In my opinion, it is one of the easier data structures to conceptually grasp and understand. Knowing and understanding how a stack works will not only make you a better programmer, it will also help you conceptualize problems in the future. It will become a great addition to your arsenal of data structures.  The implementation details will be written in Java.

Before continuing, readers should know about the linked list data structure. If you don’t know what a linked list is, please read my post on it before proceeding.

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