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Beginning my Journey to Learn C Programming

Hey guys, for those that do not know, I have decided to go back and study the C programming language.

In light of some feedback that I received, I am currently in the process of re-evaluating and changing the way I write.

However, because this is a personal post, I will be reverting back to the style I write. Although this post is more for equipping myself, I hope that those who decide to read through my incessant rambling will find some value in some of the things I process.

Earlier on last week, I had lunch with a developer who wrote out the source for an embedded wireless communication device for controlling LED lights. I did not see him in quite some time, so I used this opportunity to pick his brains. As a developer, he is somebody that I respect, also as well in terms of work ethics.

I am a backend developer/system architect that is currently working on the entire system. From coming up with the system architecture, designing the database, writing queries and procedures, doing both backend and frontend development, as well as UI/UX. Needless to say, I have a lot on my plate (on top of also managing this blog and taking a Nanodegree at Udacity).

I am not saying this to brag. But rather, to admit to my weakness, as well as my slowness in realizing that I was unknowingly being spread thin.Continue reading

Learning New Programming Language – Python

​Hey guys, just wanted to share about my personal experience learning a new programming language.

On Wednesday evening June 15, 2017 (GMT +9), I took my first baby step towards learning Python.

You might ask why?

A friend of mine, who is also a programmer asked me if I wanted to try the data analyst Udacity Nanodegree.

I wanted to learn Python, mainly because of its rising popularity.

But then again, there is also TensorFlow. I also wanted to delve into machine learning and AI as well.

In this post, I want to share about my personal thoughts and feelings regarding my experience learning Python or a new programming language.

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Hundred Days of Code Week One – Summary and Thoughts

​This is a post on the hundred days of code week one.

And this is also officially my first post on something personal.

For those who are not aware, I recently took up the hundred days of code challenge.

By nature, I am a risk-averse person. But for some reason, after seeing a series of posts on the free code camp earth Facebook Page, I felt drawn in to take a leap of faith.

If you have read the rules for the 100 days of code challenge, you will notice that some of the rules are quite specific. 

Therefore, I made my own set of tailored rule, which I am committed to follow throughout the next 100 days.

Where I live (Seoul, South Korea), the working hours are demanding to say the least.

On an average week, I will be working around 50-55 hours. 

Sometimes, to be honest, I lack the willpower or motivation to spend time coding outside of work hours.

This is why I blog so often haha. Because it is an outlet for me to not only give back to the developer community, but also to relieve some stress.

This is just me being honest and slightly emotional. ​

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