This site is dedicated to guide readers in data structures and algorithms. The code example are written in the following languages.

  1. Java
  2. JavaScript
  3. C++

The content is intended to be cover both theory and practical use. In order to keep contents relevant and enjoyable to read, I will try and review posts.

Programming Fundamentals are Key

I, Jay, believe that programming is not simply just a means to make things around us work. It can be a hobby. It can be a passion of ours. It can also just simply be a job. Regardless, the basics is what enables us to be proficient.

Understanding the fundamentals of programming will aid all of us. Whether we write code for fun, or as a job, code is written for the developers who come after you to maintain the code. Whoever this may be, they will needless to say, be humans.

The art of programming encourages readable code over clever tricks that only the writer is able to comprehend.

Feedback is Highly Appreciated

As always, I value constructive feedback. Please do bear in mind however, that I work full-time. My response speed may not always be fast. If you have any constructive feedback or ideas, please leave a comment.